Hot on Instagram: Julia Channel

Instagram has opened up a whole new world for beautiful women to get noticed. Instead of having to hire a PR firm, they now can just post their pictures on the Internet and people will follow them.

Today we take a look at one such woman in Julia Channel.

Julia on Instagram: @juliachannel12

For some reason that I cannot figure out, Julia only has 80 followers. The gorgeous photos you see here are merely the tip of the iceberg. You really owe it to yourself to see the rest. They’re that good.

Julia, from France, is a former actress turned singer with over 28,000 followers on Facebook (which again makes her Instagram follower count absurd – she obviously has fans). If you check out her very well-done Web site you can see more pics, learn about her life, and hear some of her music. She also has her own YouTube channel, and is active on Twitter. I’d say that not only is Julia “Hot on Instagram,” but she’s also “One to Watch.”

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