Jack Nicholson used to lay serious wood to Meryl Streep in his movie trailer

Jack Nicholson image by 360b/Shutterstock

Remember this was in 1987, not 2013, so adjust the visuals in your head. On with the story… Reportedly as they were filming Ironweed Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep used to have sex in his trailer. And not just any sex. Legendary sex. At least according to a new biography about Nicholson by author Mark Eliot.

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According to Vanity Fair

Elliot says that the stars — who had previously acted together in Heartburn — would reportedly emerge from Jack’s trailer “shaking,” claiming, “Often during shooting, his Winnebago seemed to be balanced on four overworked Slinkys.”

Elliot says everyone on set was talking about the pair, with a source telling the Los Angeles Herald Examiner at the time, “whatever is going on inside that Winnebago it’s starting to get out of hand, to the point where it’s embarrassing a lot of people on the set.”

And this folks, is why Jack Nicholson is, and will forever be, the king of the poonhounds. Sorry, Leo, but where’s you’re crazyass on set sex story with a co-star? That’s what I thought.

Report: Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep’s Wild Winnebago Sex “Embarrassed a Lot of People” [Vanity Fair]