Jess Davies is the future of British glamour modeling

Jess Davies first came to our attention back in December when I said that she has “a bright future in glamour modeling.” I now revise that to she has the potential to be the queen of British glamour modeling. I say this for two, well, three reasons. One, could she possibly be any cuter? Jess Davies might be the cutest British glamour model I have ever seen. As for the other two reasons, I’ll let ZOO magazine explain those with the title of this video: “Jess Davies: Best Boobs Ever? Welsh model flaunts her HUGE boobs!” The nest time we do a ranking of the 50 sexiest British glamour models of all time, Jess Davies, if she continues with her career as a glamour model, will be at or near the top of the list.

Photo credit: YouTube/ZOO