One to watch: Jessi M’Bengue, one of the stars of the ‘Blurred Lines’ video

A couple of weeks ago we featured a sexy Australian model we thought was “one to watch” and now today we introduce Jessi M’Bengue, a gorgeous French model. “One to watch” is goin’ global!!

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Born in southern France with multiracial parents, her mom is French-Marrocan-Algerian and le papa (as she put it) is French-Ivorian-Senegalese, she calls herself “a bit of everything.” She tells us that she started out as a confused French girl wanting to study English, but somehow ended up being a professional fashion model (“Blurred Lines” anyone? The girl with the ponytail? That’s right, that was her.) Not only does she appear in music videos, but she’s also a bit of musician herself. Here’s a little documentary that was filmed on her and her musical passion.

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Photo credit: Kyle Goldie