Jessica Alba talked on video, so we must watch her

Jessica Alba was one of our 50 Women We Wanted to See More of in 2013, because, well, she hasn’t done anything we’ve wanted to watch her do in a very long time. Maybe she got the message. Not this video of Jessica Alba for the latest issue of Glamour UK is any great shakes, but hey, it’s Jessica Alba on video, so it’s more than we’re used to getting from her, and you might learn something about her you didn’t know before. Glamour was smart enough to put her on the cover and snap some pictures for this issue so that’s also progress. Luckily it appears she finally is getting back into doing movies we want to see. Until then beggars can’t be choosers I guess so take a peek at this video interview she did.

Plus now we’ve got this hot GIF to hold us over as well. Good day!

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Photo credit: YouTube/Glamour