Katy Perry hates the taste of semen

In case you were wondering, Katy Perry is not a big fan of the taste of semen. Usually when Katy Perry does interviews in magazines all we care about are the photos, but in this month’s Elle Canada it’s the interview that got our attention when she dropped the knowledge that (a) she calls it a “load” and (b) she thinks it tastes nasty.

And I quote

She has switched from drinking lattes to green tea, she hikes and she takes supplements. Then, while describing her preferred brand of vitamin C, she casually mentions that the only drawback is that it tastes like “a load and is disgusting.” She smiles, continuing on, and then stops dead and laughs. “I can’t believe I just said that! Strike the ‘load’ part!”

So Katy Perry thinks that a “load” is “disgusting.” Good to know, you know, in case every other man on the planet dies and we actually get a chance to date her.

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