Kelly Brook says she’d never get a boob job; world replies, ‘duh’

Kelly Brook stated the obvious the other day telling Nuts magazine that she’d never get a boob job. Why she felt the need to even mention this is a mystery to any one who has ever seen in her (especially in GIF form). Who messes with perfection?

Says Kelly —

“I think it’s really nice to be celebrated for who I am. It’s not really about me being curvy, it’s more about me being someone who understands what works for hem and embraces that – and has managed to make a business out of that. I don’t like the fake look, I’d never have anything like a boob job.”

Man, I’d hope not considering she already has E cup boobs. She also mentioned an odd and vehement stance against kebabs.

“I’d never eat a kebab. That’s like eating a rubbish bin in my mind, and it’ll make you feel rubbish afterward.”

Okay, now she’s just gone too far. What could Kelly Brook possibly have against delicious skewered meats?

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Kelly Brook would never have boob job [Contact Music]

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