Kendall Jenner shared the best butt video in the history of Instagram butt videos

In case you missed it, because I did and that was a mistake that I rememdy now, late last week Kendall Jenner was doing a little ziplining and shared a video of it and OH MY GOODNESS nice butt. Oh to be 18 again and not have to work to stay in this kind of shape, huh, folks? So much for Kim Kardashian being the only one in the family known for her mind-blowing posterior. We told you to watch her this year.

I swear, to my dying day, as I have said before, there is no way Kendall Jenner is truly related to all the other Kardashian Klowns, especially Kim. But perhaps my mind is just too clouded with the fact that she has an ass like this. Perhaps.

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“Your ass looks good!” someone screams during the clip. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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