Kylie Jenner only goes to school 3 to 4 hours a day, because why bother?

Kylie Jenner no school

Kylie Jenner image by JStone/Shutterstock

Kylie Jenner, 16, once again proves life is better as a Kardashian with a quote about how little she actually has to attend school.

Why do I bring this to your attention? Because I enjoy showing everyone the power of a sex tape done proper and also because I love sharing just how shitty all of our lives are compared to the siblings of people who are famous because of sex tapes.

“How many hours of school do you go to a day?” [Ryan] Seacrest asked [on his radio show].

“I do like three to four,” she said, sounding less-than-enthused. “[Then] I usually work. I’m pretty busy all day.”

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Work, like posing for photos with lots of age-inappropriate cleavage, that pays her more money than most of us get for busting our asses in far harder jobs.

At least Bruce Jenner isn’t a big fan of this “schedule.”

“Bruce was absolutely adamant that the girls not drop out of school in order to be home schooled,” the insider told Radar.

“Bruce always wanted the girls to go to college, whereas Kris doesn’t place an emphasis on education. Kris has told the girls they are only young once and they could always go back to school later. She doesn’t want them to miss out on lucrative deals because they are in school.”

This shocks no one, right?

See? Now don’t you feel as miserable and angry as I do? If not, just look at this photo of Kendall, 18, standing next to a white Lamborghini. It’s better that way.

Perks Of Being A Kardashian? Kylie Jenner, 16, Admits She Only Has ‘Three Or Four Hours’ Of School A Day [Radar]