How did Lady Gaga make $80 million last year?

Lady Gaga earned $80 million over the last year despite not performing a concert or releasing a song since February of 2012, putting her at number one on Forbes’ list of top-earning celebrities under 30. (I guess posing naked for magazines really does help a girl make ends meet.)

Justin Bieber came in second on the list, by a very distant margin, with $58 million in earnings between June 2012 and June 2013, while Taylor Swift came in third with an estimated $55 million.

The rest of the top 10 looks like this: Calvin Harris: $46M, Rihanna: $43M, Katy Perry: $39M, Adele: $30M, Jennifer Lawrence: $26M, Kristen Stewart: $22M, and Taylor Lautner: $22M.

This is quite an accomplishment for Lady Gaga because I remember back before she was famous I would get absolutely inundated with emails from her publicist. I pretty much ignored them because I thought her songs weren’t very good and that she was a weirdo. Guess I was ahead of the curve, I couldn’t stand her long before it was cool to not be able to stand her.

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