Leanna Decker and her voluptuous friends just killing it in a hot new bikini video

By now you should know that love us some Leanna Decker, the 2012 Cybergirl of the Year, so anytime she shoots a new bikini video it’s cause for celebration. And that’s even more the case today as she brought along a couple of hot friends. As you will see, her pals Constance Nunes and Avi also know a thing or two about how to look sexy in a bikini.

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This is the first time we’ve seen Constance Nunes (the brunette), but you regulars may remember Avi from the sexiest rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock” of the 2013 holiday season also shot by the geniuses over at TeenyB Bikini Couture. I call them geniuses because, well, just look at the girls in this video!

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Photos: YouTube/Teeny B