Lindsay Lohan gets paid HOW MUCH to do interviews now?

What the hell? No wonder Lindsay Lohan doesn’t give a flip about anything or anyone if she’s making so much money just to sit there and do jack shit.

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With years since her last acting gig, Lindsay Lohan has turned to new and unusual methods of bringing in cash. During a recent visit to Austria to attend a gala, has learned, she demanded more than $40,000 to sit for an exclusive TV interview. And more shocking than that, she got it!

Lohan jetted from London to Linz, Austria, Friday, July 25, to attend the PlusCity White Party. According to the daily newspaper “Õsterreich,” Lohan “demanded 30,000 Euros ($40,314.03) for an exclusive interview.”

According to the paper, TV channel PRO 7 coughed up the cash, while other news outlets had to make due with a short press conference — for which Lohan was more than half an hour late. “After a short autograph hour, she went back to the hotel to freshen up,” the paper reports.

Oh, Lindsay was late AND made $40K for basically doing nothing? Be right back while I go smash my head against the wall for a few hours.

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Lindsay Lohan got paid $40,000 to do an ‘exclusive’ interview in Austria [Celebitchy]

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