Maksim Chmerkovskiy says he’s ‘lucky’ to be having sex with Kate Upton

Today in obvious understatements: Maksim Chmerkovskiy says that he thinks he is lucky to be dating Kate Upton. No shit. And he didn’t actually say sex, but hey, we know what he means.

He tells Extra

“Things are going great… I think I got lucky… she’s an amazing girl.” He added, “Everyone is happy, we are enjoying each other’s company.”

As for reports that Kate got an apartment to be closer to Maks, he clarified, “I live in New Jersey, she got an apartment in Manhattan.”

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What is with these male celebrities and feeling the need to rub these things in our faces by stating the obvious? Michael Fassbender says it’s easier to score chicks when you’re famous and now Maks tells us just how lucky he is to be nailing Kate Upton. We already knew that Kate was trying to move closer to you, Chmerkovskiy, was this latest dagger really necessary?

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H/T Celebslam

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