Megan Fox played Pictionary with Jimmy Fallon, Nick Cannon and Wiz Khalifa

by 5 years ago

Megan Fox pictionary

While not exactly the Algonquin Round Table, Megan Fox teaming up with Nick Cannon to play Pictionary versus Jimmy Fallon and Wiz Khalifa was still very entertaining.

The four of them had a good time, especially when Khalifa had to draw a corn dog and you could tell that he didn’t want to draw anything resembling a penis. That and when Megan Fox had no idea what a frog looks like.

There were two other very surprising parts of the segment as well: (1) Megan Fox finally didn’t say anything to alienate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles moviegoers, and (2) Wiz Khalifa was there despite there being a warrant out for his arrest.

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