Michael Fassbender dating Naomi Campbell; where does she rank on his list of conquests?


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Now that Michael Fassbender is reportedly hooking up with supermodel Naomi Campbell let’s see how this latest achievement compares to the other women he’s hooked up with over the years. We’ll rank them from best to worst (worst being a VERY relative term because frankly they’re all pretty hot).

Also of note: Michael Fassbender reportedly is…uh, has… okay let’s just say it, he allegedly has a big dick. So when you combine that facet of his, uh, repetoire with him being handsome, famous, rich, and his power to move things with his mind, you can see why sexy famous ladies would want to get with him. (What’s that? He can’t move things with his mind? That’s just his character Magneto? I see. Still dude has a big schlong (allegedly) so that’s just as great a super power.)

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1. Madalina Ghenea (2013-2014)


Madalina Ghenea image by ChinellatoPhoto/Shutterstock

Hot young Romanian supermodel, yo.

2. Naomi Campbell (2014)


Naomi Campbell image by Joe Seer/Shutterstock

Still hot, still a supermodel (kind of), but 10 years ago she’d have been number
one on this list.

3. Louise Hazel (2013)


Louise Hazel image by Featureflash/Shutterstock

She’s a damn heptathlete, folks. That garners bonus points in any book.

4. Rosario Dawson (2013)


Rosario Dawson image by Featureflash/Shutterstock

Seems like she’d be fun in the… I mean to hang out with.

5. Nicole Beharie (2012-2013)


Nicole Beharie image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock

Not super famous, but still better than…

6. Cameron Diaz (2013)


Cameron Diaz image by Phil Stafford/Shutterstock

1993 Cameron Diaz would have scored much higher.

Rumored, but Unverified Hookups

Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron

If ever verified, they would take over the top two spots on this list in a pick ’em.

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