Is Michelle Keegan the Sexiest Woman on TV?

Back in February, British actress Michelle Keegan posed for a sexy photo shoot for FHM. Now eight months later they’re calling her The Sexiest Woman on TV. They even shot a hot video to support their claim. By the way, they left no wiggle room here, they said she was “officially” the sexiest woman on TV (we assume in the UK only, but maybe not). Let’s check out what they used for evidence to make this bold statement.

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Nice complexion? Check. Pretty face? Check. Looks damn good in a bikini top? Check. Nice hair and smile? Check. Looks smoking hot on their cover this month? Check. So Michelle Keegan does score well in all the right categories. But this is the UK. Home of like 100 sexy TV shows. Hell, Hollyoaks alone has like five or six crazy hot women on it. I think I’m going to have to watch this video a few more times before I am going to be able to agree with them.

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Photo credit: YouTube/FHM