Get inside Mila Kunis for $4 million

Sorry, I forgot to say “house”.

It looks like Jackie and Kelso are moving in together.

Mila Kunis is ready to give birth to the spawn of Ashton Kutcher, and the two will probably get hitched not longer after the kid is squirted out, so it’s time for the future Kutchers to condense their living spaces.

The 30-year-old Ukraine native is selling her sprawling 5,000 square foot Mediterranean styled property located right in the centre of the Hollywood hills for a tentative price tag of $4 million. According to certain reports, the mansion sports floor to ceiling glass doors that give way to a huge entertainment area around the pool and a breathtaking view of Los Angeles city.

If you really need an inside tour of the pad, the house will probably be on reality TV in the next few months. Kunis plans to sell with the help of Million Dollar Listing LA stars Josh and Matt Altman.

Still, there is a chance this all won’t work out. We’ll hold out hope.

[via Born Rich]