Miley Cyrus explains her tongue thing in new ‘SNL’ promos

Miley Cyrus SNL promo


Because we are not at all tired of Miley Cyrus she will be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend and if this new promo video is any indication we’ll probably still be talking about her next week. Sigh… She’ll also be this week’s musical guest so get ready for more twerking and tongues.

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In one promo SNL cast member Taran Killam pretends to question Miley’s antics at the VMAs, even asking her why she always sticks out her tongue. “It’s how I smell,” she replies. “Are you wearing women’s deodorant?”

In another promo, Killiam pretends that he doesn’t know what Cyrus has been up to lately, so she tells him to Google her. He returns an hour later with a stunned look on his face. Pretty much like Robin Thicke’s mom, we’re guessing.

So…are you going to watch or just wait for the fallout on Sunday and Monday?

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