Miley Cyrus ‘leaks’ another topless pic; pretends to catfight with Avril Lavigne

Apparently Miley Cyrus’ cover for her “Adore You” remix wasn’t controversial enough (I’m rolling my eyes as I type “controversial”) so now a full-on shot of her boob has surfaced online. (Link below.)

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Since seeing Miley Cyrus topless has suddenly become as common as seeing an SUV driving down the road (so disappointing) here’s a slightly more interesting story. Miley and Avril Lavigne are apparently friends and put on a faux catifght for us to enjoy.

Wasn’t that cute? The hand-drawn magazine was a nice touch. Worst post I have ever written. Hands down. I’m sorry. But hey, Miley Cyrus boob, amirite?

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