If you’re not following model Luci Ford on Instagram you’re doing it wrong

Every week for our “Hot on Instagram” feature we try to find a lovely gem that you may or may not have been aware of before. This week get ready to fall in love with sexy model Luci Ford.

Luci on Instagram: @luci_ford

She has only a little over 37,000 followers on Instagram which is mind-boggling considering the dozens and dozens of AMAZINGLY HOT professional pics she has shared.

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As for what we know about Luci, we know that she calls herself a model (duh) and a fashion blogger, and not a whole lot else because the “About” section on her Web site is blank. We do know that she’s originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, is quite active on Twitter, is crazy sexy, and that if you’re not following her on Instagram…you’re doing it wrong.

Be sure to keep up with Luci on Twitter, Facebook, her Web site, and of course, Instagram.

Photos: Luci Ford, Instagram