Natalie Portman all wet and sexy for Dior

Natalie Portman was one of those women on our 50 Women We Want to See More of in 2013 list. It appears that our wish may be coming true. This is the second time in six months we’ve seen Natalie Portman in one of these video for Miss Dior. It also is a better video in my opinion than the last one. Sure we have to put up with her making out with some dude at one point, but Dior starts the video out right by putting Natalie under a fountain and in a pool. A wet Natalie Portman is a hot Natalie Portman. It really is genius marketing and why she is so high on our 100 Sexiest Actresses Under the Age of 30 list.

And be sure to check out the Making Of… video here It’s also very good.

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Photo credit: YouTube/Dior