Finally, Nicolas Cage named best actor in the world

Nicolas Cage Best Global Actor Huading Awards

Nicolas Cage image by ChinellatoPhoto/Shutterstock

About damn time someone out there recognized the excellence in acting that is one Nicolas Cage as he has been named the Best Global Actor in Motion Pictures…by China.

And to prove that they aren’t completely batshit crazy, China also named Nicole Kidman Best Global Actress in Motion Pictures. Uh…wait a sec.

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The event, held several times a year (so you know if you act or sing you’ve got a real shot at eventually winning one of these things), is called the Huading Awards, also named Michelle Dockery the Best Global Actress in a TV Series, Sam Worthington the Best Global Action Movie Actor, Avril Lavigne the Best Global Singer, and Matthew Perry the Best Global Actor in a TV Series.

Okay, maybe they are batshit crazy.

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Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman named best global actors [USA Today]

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