Nina Agdal rocking bikinis on the beach is the hottest thing you’ll see today

It’s cold, snowy, and basically horrible outside for much of the United States, so what better way to start a day like this than with Nina Adgal on the beach wearing sexy bikinis? The answer: there is no better way. Especially the ones where she’s under a shower. Those are especially nice.

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Okay, I might be able to think of a couple of things that are better than this, but you got my point, and that point is that looking at Nina Agdal on the beach in these hot new bikinis by Sauvage Swimwear sure beats pretty much anything else we have planned today, right? If she doesn’t get the cover of this year’s SI Swimsuit Issue I’ll be shocked. Now go get me some hot cocoa.

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Photo credit: Sauvage