One to watch: Dee Dwyer, gorgeous model/stunt double from Down Under

Here’s a new one we’ve never had in all of our “One to Watch” features: a smoking hot model who is also a stunt double! Meet the sexy and talented Dee Dwyer from Australia.

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Born and raised in Sydney’s beautiful Blue Mountains all Dee cared about growing up was acrobatics and spent most of her days looking at the world upside down, balancing on her hands, gaining the nickname “Dangerous Dee” because she was never scared of injuries or to take the plunge. This attitude and athleticism has now led to her appearing in several feature films the past few years.

And then there is the modeling side of Dee, who just happens to be the current Penthouse Pet for Australian Penthouse magazine, just one of many appearances she has made in print publications of late. She’s also done modeling work for companies like Samsung, Wild Orchid Bikini, Goodlife Health Gyms, and others. When she isn’t modeling or doing stunts Dee also devotes a great deal of time to support Make A Wish Foundation.

Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to keep up with her latest modeling and stunt double adventures.

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Photo credit: Kyle Goldie