Paris Hilton Is Reportedly Dating A Teenager, So If You’re Under 20 And Looking For A Sugar Mama Now’s Your Chance

Say what you want about Paris Hilton, but girlfriend’s got loads and loads of cash despite only being known for doing absolutely nothing and acting like an idiot on television. Supposedly she’s actually a friggin’ genius when it comes to the business world and only acted like an idiot on television for the sake of ratings, but either way I don’t care because neither have anything to do with the fact that she’s 33-years-old and possibly dating a teenager.

Well…the kid’s 18. But the fact that I just referred to him as a “kid” says something in itself.

The young adult in question is an Australian model by the name of Jordan Barrett, who may just be the luckiest boy alive since he now might have a cougar who can buy him the following items that he wouldn’t legally be able to purchase until he turned 21:

1. Alcohol
2. Cigarettes (in the state of New York)
3. Marijuana (in Colorado)

I’m sure there’s other stuff you can’t do until you’re 21, but I won’t bother researching those things until it’s confirmed that Hilton and “One-Year-Past-Jailbait” Jordan are confirmed to be dating. As for our current evidence, it’s a little shitty but not awful:

The two were seen looking very close at the Cavelli Club in Milan during Fashion Week! Neither Paris or Jordan have addressed rumors of their May-December romance — instead, they have added fuel to the fire by cuddling up to another and sharing pictures on social media!

Via In Touch Weekly

It doesn’t matter what you think about Paris Hilton, I think we can all agree that she can do better.

[H/T In Touch Weekly, images via Instagram]