Paula Deen said the N-word a lot

Paula Deen

Food Network

If you’re surprised by this, you shouldn’t be. So about a year ago, a woman named Lisa Jackson, an employee of Uncle Bubba’s Oyster and Shrimp House, sued the restaurant’s owner for harassment. That owner? None other than celebrity chef Paula Deen. The suit alleged that Deen’s brother Bubba sexually harassed employees and made racist jokes and Paula herself liked to use the N-word a lot.

The suit, which was for $1.2 million, came close to the chef’s revelation that she has Type 2 diabetes (in part because of the horrific food she cooks), and some thought it was just a publicity stunt. The chef denied everything to the press, and for a while, it looked like the suit would get thrown out of court, letting Deen and her co-owner brother off scott free.

Well, that ain’t happening now. According to Radar Online, Deen was deposed on May 17th in a session that lasted three hours and was videotaped. Under oath, she admitted to using the N-word multiple times, giving examples, and admits to telling racial jokes about Blacks, Jews and more.

Oh, and she also planned a wedding where all the waiters were Black people dressed as slaves. Because that is a totally appropriate and cool thing to do in 2013.

But it’s her brother who really gets the shaft – he also spends some time in front of the camera, confessing to referring to President Obama multiple times using the ol’ N-word. Paula also threw him under the bus during the session, telling her interrogators that he’s addicted to cocaine, alcohol and pornography. With these revelations, it’s looking more and more likely that Lisa Jackson’s going to walk away with a healthy payday when this sucker finally makes it to court – if the Deen’s don’t settle first.

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