Who is the sexy actress in the BMW ‘The Talk’ commercial?

If you watched any NFL games this past weekend you certainly saw the commercial for the BMW 5 Series Diesel called “The Talk.” And if you’re like us, you were wondering who the actress in that BMW commercial was. Here’s your answer. Her name is Anne Kennedy Brady and here’s a little more about her.

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We don’t know a whole lot about Anne Kennedy Brady, but she does have an IMDB page which tells us that other than this BMW 5 Series Diesel commercial her most recent work was an appearance on Chicago Fire. It also tells us that she was one of the main characters in the Web series JourneyQuest for a couple of years. She is on Twitter, where it says she’s from Chicago, but doesn’t appear to use it very much though. Unfortunately, that’s about it. Perhaps this ad will be the break that springboards her to more roles. At least that’s what we’re hoping.

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Photo credit: YouTube/BMW