Who is the sexy actress in the DSW ‘Shoe Lovers’ commercials?

If you spend much time watching TV you’ve probably seen the DSW commercials titled “The Shoe Lovers.” And if you’re like us you wondered just who the heck the sexy actress is in those commercials. Here’s your answer. Her name is Valeria Dmitrienko and get this, she’s a model. No way, right?

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As for what we know about Valeria Dmitrienko it ain’t much. We know that she was born in the Ukraine, that she was a contestant in the Elite Model Look International in 2005, and that she mostly seems to do runway modeling, but has appeared in some magazines internationally such as Elle and Vogue.

She’s on Facebook, but doesn’t appear to have a presence on Twitter. Let’s just hope this series of commercials has a part three so we can “learn” even more about her.

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