Who is the sexy actress in the Kia Optima ‘Scarf’ commercial?

If you happened to catch the new Kia Optima commercial where the woman has to go back and pick up her scarf because it blew out of her car window, then you’re probably like us and wondered just who this gorgeous actress is. Here’s your answer.

Her name is Ivey Mansel and not only is she an actress she’s also a model as evidenced by her profile on this modeling Web site (where there are many smoking hot photos of her, by the way).

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Unfortunately, there is very little else about Ivey Mansel available on the Internet. She has a pretty much unused Twitter account and not much on her IMDB profile.

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I did, however, find this acting reel of her, in which once again, she’s very impressive.

Photo credit: YouTube/Kia