Who is the sexy actress in the Lexus December to Remember ‘Bow Precision’ commercial?

If you have watched even a smidgen of TV the past few weeks I guarantee you’ve seen the Lexus December to Remember TV spots including this one called “Bow Precision.” And if you’re like us you wondered just who that sexy actress is that stars in the commercial. Well, her name is Dorotea Mercuri and her IMDB bio of chock full of good information.

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For instance, she is Italian with a some Greek blood in her background, always a great combination. She studied classical ballet as a young girl and as a model has been the face of several European companies. She studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, is fluent in five languages, and is also an accomplished vocalist and recording artist. Seriously is there anything she can’t do? Someone get her an acting job in a film here in the States pronto, please.

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