Very few surprises on the World’s Most Overpaid Actors of 2013 list


Adam Sandler image by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

In what should come as a shock to no one with a functioning brain, Adam Sandler tops this year’s list of Forbes most overpaid actors. What, no Eddie Murphy? Oh yeah, he didn’t make any movies in 2013 so he actually came out ahead this year.

Sandler takes the top spot based on the “strength” of his two films Jack & Jill, which cost $80 million to make and made $150 million, and That’s My Boy, which cost $70 million and made only $57 million. Ouch. Sandler’s overall return on every dollar spent came in the lowest of any other actor at just $3.40. (Of note: last year’s “winner” Eddie Murphy came in at just $2.30 so by comparison Sandler should be very proud of his work.)

Katherine Heigl, another fave of everyone, came in second at $3.50 for movie gems Killers and One For The Money, while Reese Witherspoon came in third at $3.90 for every dollar spent.

The real head scratcher on the list though is Nicolas Cage coming in fourth at $6.00. How is that even possible? Don’t they know he is officially the BEST ACTOR IN THE ENTIRE WORLD?

The rest of the top ten looks like this…

5. Kevin James, $6.10 (Sandler buddy!)
6. Denzel Washington, $8.30 (What?)
7. Steve Carell, $10 (Stick to Anchorman, maybe.)
8. Jennifer Aniston, $10.60 (Does this surprise anyone?)
9. Matt Damon, $10.60 (Hmmm…)
10. Ryan Reynolds, $10.70 (Yeah, this was a bad year.)

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