Victoria Beckham had her breast implants removed: A retrospective

Rarely have we paid attention to Victoria Beckham in the past, but when we did it was usually because she was showing off her big fake boobies. Now, well, we have no reason to pay attention to her. Pour one out for the memories and enjoy this brief retrospective above.

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According to an interview Posh Spice gave recently with Allure, she had her breast implants removed awhile back and the reason for their removal leaves us wondering…

Gazing at an old photo featuring a fair amount of cleavage, she feels the need to describe the fate of those breasts: “I don’t have them anymore.” A small pause: “I think I may have purchased them.” And then what? she is asked. Did your breasts just leave? “Or they got removed, one or the other,” she says. You removed the implants? “Yeah,” she replies with satisfaction. Because they hurt you? “No,” says Beckham.

Now I know she’s lying. Anyone who saw those puppies (and we studied them well) came away thinking that they always looked like they were about to explode at any given moment. Hell, they were painful to look at let alone be on one’s body. That being said, we’ll still miss them. *sniff*

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