Watch Emma Watson get embarassed when Letterman asks ‘Who sexes the animals?’ on ‘Noah’

Somehow I missed this (too broken up over Gwyneth I guess), but seeing Emma Watson get embarassed by Letterman when he asks about animal sex is too priceless to ignore. Better late then never whenever it comes to Emma Watson I always say. In fact that rules pretty much applies for her in any situation, not just appearances on The Late Show.

“Who sexes the animals?” asks Dave. “You know what I mean?”

“Um, I don’t quite understand what you’re saying,” replies an obviously flustered Watson.

“My son is very fond of turtles,” says Dave. “And he will come to me with a turtle and ask me, ‘Dad, is this a boy or a girl?’ And I know how to sex a turtle.”

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Watson plays Noah’s (Russell Crowe) daughter-in-law in the film which comes out this Friday, March 28.