Who is the sexy actress in the Samsung ‘Friday Night’ commercial?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you have probably seen the Samsung Galaxy S4 “Friday Night” commercial where the husband and wife finally get their kid to bed and are planning their evening. Ever wondered who that sexy actress playing the wife is? Here is your answer: Her name is Melissa Marie Elias and she’s Canadian! Sadly, it looks like she’s also a Packers fan if her Facebook photos are any indication. (Though there are also a handful of sexy professional photos in there as well.) As for what else we know about Melissa Marie Elias, we know from her quite outdated Wikipedia page that she starred on a TV show called Falcon Beach on Global Television and ABC Family. We also know from her IMDB page that Falcon Beach was just about the last non-commercial acting she’s done in awhile. Which is too bad, because we really like her in this Samsung commercial. Hopefully it’ll be her big break.

Photo credit: iSpot/Samsung