5 Hardcore Drinking Games from All Over the World

Japan: Ping, Pong, Pang
The game starts out with one player saying the word Ping. It then goes to the next person to their left who says Pong and that person points to someone else who says Pang. It then goes around to each person saying these words. The first person to mess up on their word has to drink. When that person messes up on one of the words, the others say, “iki, iki, iki,” Which means in Japanese, “Drink up Bitch.” You can imagine how drunk the players get with this game as they will often mess up on their word since they have been drinking. The Japanese often play this game while drinking a smooth type of vodka which in Japan is called, schocu.

United Kingdom: Centurion
The British really know how to go all out when they party. They really know how to play their drinking games as well. They play one game called, Centurion. Centurion is a game where every player has to do a shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes straight. They are allowed to go to the bathroom during their turn as long as they come back before their time is up. Whoever completes their 100 shots without passing out wins the game. This is really a hardcore drinking game!

Russia: Tiger's Coming
The person starting this game is usually the cheap date. As soon as everyone gets their shot of vodka, the person who starts the game yells, “The Tiger's coming!” After they yell this, everyone ducks under the table and downs their shots. They aren’t allowed to come up from under the table until the person yells, “The Tiger's Gone.” The game does not end until no one comes back up from under the table because they are passed out. The Russian's really know how to party!

Latin America: Dudo
This game is actually, according to legend, 400 years old when the Incans started playing it. Each player throws five dice inside a tumbler but keep them hidden. They each then take turns saying how many dice they have until one player will call bullshit on someone else for lying about how many dice they actually do have. If they are lying, they have to drink.

United States: Beer Pong
Everyone knows beer pong, but it is still American's best drinking game. This game was started in fraternity houses. Two teams stand on opposite sides of each other. They then each get a turn to throw the ping-pong ball into the cups. There are 10 cups sitting in a triangle each with beer in them. If they land the ball in the other teams cups, they have to drink the beer in that cup. They continue to play until all cups are empty.

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