This Auburn Wedding Cake With A Working Jumbo Tron Is the Only Wedding Cake Worth Caring About

The average cost of a wedding cake hovers around $450. It’s an antiquated and unnecessary expense in my opinion considering at that point in the night everyone should be so plastered that a funfetti cake should do just fine. If I’m going to remember one thing about a wedding, it’s going to be shamelessly hitting on every bridesmaid, not the quality of confectionary sugar used in a cake I’m too drunk to taste anyway. But you know chicks, man, everything has to be PERFECT.

So for my wedding in 2048, I’m either going to go sans cake or put together a cake that no one will soon forget about. And that’s exactly what Auburn diehard fans Eric Willms and Jennifer Bruce did at their wedding reception in Odessa, Fla. last weekend.

Check out this masterpiece.

The cake is an accurate replica of Jordan-Hare Stadium and features a working video board playing Auburn’s 22-19 victory against Oregon in the 2010 BCS National Championship. Glory days.

According to SEC Country,

The happy couple also was serenaded as they departed the Keystone United Methodist Church in Tampa with blue shakers, a chant of “War Eagle!” and a rendition of “Bodda Getta.”

It was also reported that a drunken Bama fan whipped his dick out and started pissing on the cake while yelling ‘Roll Tide’ to hundreds of shocked onlookers. Just kidding, that never happened. But God that would be glorious.

[h/t College Spun]

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