Arizona State University Is Developing Jetpacks To Help U.S. Combat Soldiers Run Faster

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Arizona State

Every now and then we need a reminder that college isn’t just about chugging beer and getting laid; it’s about working your ass off in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation to make the world a better, more kickass place. Arizona State — a college with a bigger reputation for partying here on BroBible than serious R&D — has a pretty badass project in place developing jet packs for combat soldiers to use in the not-so-distant future. Here’s an explanation from the school’s website:

What if every soldier could run a four-minute mile? That’s the goal behind 4MM, or 4 Minute Mile, a student project to create a wearable jetpack that enhances speed and agility. Working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and a faculty mentor, Jason Kerestes is the mastermind behind 4MM. He built a prototype of the jetpack and is now testing and refining his design to be as effective as possible.

4 minute mile?! Damn. The future has finally arrived. Soon we’ll have The Six Million Dollar Man IRL. How badass will that be?

Gentlemen, we have the technology.

Jetpack helps soldiers run faster from ASU Research on Vimeo.

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