SMU Fraternity Threw An ‘Aspen In The ’80s’ Theme Party, Which Is Officially My New Favorite Theme Party

One of my all-time favorite cult movies is the early ’90s ski comedy Aspen EXTREME , tagline “Top Gun on the slopes.” It perfectly captures the horny Caligula-esque bacchanal of Aspen, Colorado like no other movie, complete with the world’s worst ski instructor acting and obnoxiously-bright fluorescent onesies.

Once upon a time, before moving to the city to do this whole blogging thing, I ski bummed it in Aspen for a year after college. It’s a place that inspires a pretty good party, from the The Red Onion to the Belly Up to Sky Hotel to the annual Mardi Gras gathering at Snowmass. I dearly miss living there.

It’s nice to see the spirit of that funky mountain town channeled from afar at SMU Phi Delt’s “Aspen In The ’80s” party. It has all the hallmarks of a great ’80s blow out, though it’s definitely missing a Bro rocking a neon red ski patrol jacket.

And one last thing: If you’re really bored and preparing for a ski trip this winter, do yourself a favor and prepare by get really baked with your group of friends and watch Aspen EXTREME. Thank me later — It’s a guaranteed great time.


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