Awkward Mom Breaks Into Daughter’s Dorm As A Surprise, Doesn’t Realize She Picked The Wrong Room Until It’s Too Late


Courtesy of McKenna Pilling

McKenna Pilling’s mom was excited to have her daughter move back home with her from Utah State at the end of the semester. After arriving on campus without telling McKenna she was dropping by to help pack her belongings, Mrs. Pilling decided to pop into her daughter’s dorm room and take a photo of herself hanging out in her bed as a joke:



Pretty normal stuff, right?


…she picked the wrong room.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, McKenna explains:

“My intention was only for family and friends to see [the tweet], hence the caption, ‘Momma Pilling at it again,’ because the people I know know her as ‘Momma Pilling’,” Pilling said. “But once it got bigger and bigger we just couldn’t stop laughing because it was so unexpected.”

The photo has since gone viral, with Twitter users coming together to geek out over McKenna’s mother:

Rather than host any regrets over her mistake going viral, Mrs. Pilling only says that “I wish I would’ve taken a better picture.”

[H/T Buzzfeed]