Wall Street Banker Sent Barclays’ Summer Interns A Fratty Email Of 10 Commandments They Must Follow


If you grew up playing sports or you joined a fraternity in college you’re probably familiar with hazing. For those of us who did, we knew that being hazed was a part of life sometimes. In the professional world, however, hazing usually doesn’t exist. At least not at an extreme level. “Hazing” the new guy in the office usually doesn’t consist of ACTUAL hazing. You make him sit “bitch” on the ride to buy lunch every day, sure, but you don’t treat him like a second-class citizen. And if you are going to treat someone like shit, you damn sure don’t detail your entire plan to that person over company email.

That’s apparently not how it works in Barclays’ global power and utilities group. According to The Wall Street Journal, Justin Kwan, a second-year analyst in the group, sent a pretty “hazy” email to Barclays’ new summer interns with the subject line “Welcome to the Jungle.”

After Kwan finishes delivering the 10 Power Commandments, he concludes the email by saying, “P.S. There are a number of typos in place in the email above. There are on purpose. First person to email me back with at least 3 highlighted typos is off to a GREAT start.” Considering that there are at least three grammatical errors in his first paragraph, that shouldn’t have been terribly difficult. And if Kwan has a set of balls, he’ll fire anyone who needed to go past it to find three errors. Yeah, that’s a challenge, Kwan. You won’t ruin a kid’s life, you pussy.

(Side note: Being a frat bro myself, I know that frat bros can’t resist a “you wont” challenge. Real pride tester. Let’s see what this Kwan fella is made of.)

Intern Email

The Jungle sounds like an awful fucking place for these interns to spend the next 9 weeks of their lives.