Bro Makes UNBELIEVABLE Beer Pong Trick Shot Video, Celebrates Awkwardly

I’m always amazed by Bros who can snipe beer pong shots like Reggie Miller behind the three-point line. I knew a kid in college who set up Solo cups all around his apartment and spent hours a day just making strategic shots, throwing pong balls completely sober in his free time. He was deadly on the pong table during parties, but I managed to beat him in a game on an off night. Practice doesn’t always make perfect, I guess.

The Bro behind YouTube channel BBsDoingNothing is back with another unbelievable pong trick shot video. I posted about his first video last year, but this summer’s video raises the bar without a doubt.

How about that Sheldon Souray jersey on the floor? Bro, hang that shit on the wall, man.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 1.44.56 PM


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