Spring Break 2016: The 8 Best Destinations That No One Is Visiting

South Padre Island (TX), Panama City Beach (FL), Cancun, and The Bahamas are the biggest destination for college students to spend their Spring Break. Every year between March and April, millions of students make their way to these places for some of the most epic partying of their young adult lives.

From the alcohol to the strippers, the hotels are flooded with kids just looking to have a good time even if anywhere they go is flooded with even more college students and young adults. It is like going to Disney World during Christmas time, every thing has a long wait time and you can barely move without bumping into 403 different people all going in different directions.

But that is not to say it isn’t a blast either. We have done our fair share of time in all of these fair cities during Spring Break and we can tell you that even with a million people around you, there truly isn’t an experience like it when you are in college.

So go ahead and do the Bahamas party cruise or take a road trip to South Padre Island at least once in your life to see the madness and be a part of it. Then, once you get that out of your system, plan to go to places where Spring Break happens on a much smaller scale.

These are the top hidden Spring Break destinations worth visiting this year.

8. Keystone, CO

The Nightlife:

Snake River Saloon

The Goat


Places to Stay:

Keystone Resort

Alpine Slopes Lodge

Inn at Keystone

Spring Break doesn’t always have to be about beaches and bikinis. A trip into the mountains can be just as exciting thanks to the Jacuzzi tub. Sure, you are going to run into a few more families and kids during your time in Keystone but you will still find some of the best mountains to ski in the World. There is one thing we can promise you about sexiest snow bunnies, they are always going to be in the mountains, that is a fact.


7. Henderson, NV

The Nightlife:

Ravello Lounge

Club Madrid

Gold Mine Tavern


Places to Stay:

M Resort Spa Casino

The Westin Lake


Las Vegas is one of the best party cities in America, year-round. So Spring Break isn’t a big tourist destination any more than Christmas or Memorial Day. However, over the past few years, Las Vegas has started to become a top destination for college students to head to for Spring Break. This is where Henderson, Nevada becomes a rising star during Spring Break. It is located just about 15 miles outside of Las Vegas and is a beautiful place to meet women, because we all know that is what everyone wants to know about.

6. Estes Park, CO

The Nightlife:

Wheel Bar

Rock Cut Brewing Co.

Mountain Munchies Tiki Bar


Places to Stay:

Alpine Trail Ridge Inn

Deer Crest

Murphy’s River Lodge


If Spring Break is your thing but crowds aren’t, you need to start researching ski resorts in the mountains of beautiful Colorado. In the Denver area, you can reach Boulder, Fort Collins, and even Estes Park all within an hour or two. So even if you hate skiing, you can head on into Denver, meet a few hunnies, then show them the magical resorts buried deep inside the mountains of Estes Park, Colorado.


5. Taos, NM

The Nightlife:

Kyote Club


Places to Stay:

Taos Ski Valley


Just North of Santa Fe resides the hidden gem of Taos, New Mexico. Inside Taos, you will find Taos Ski Valley, the single greatest ski resort no one seems to be visiting, yet. (Unless you are a Winter X-Games athlete) The guarantee of beautiful women is as true as the saying the Sun will rise in the East. The bikinis you wanted are going to be hanging out by the Stray Dog Cantina or the Martini Tree Bar.

4.Kiawah Island, SC

The Nightlife:


Jack of Cups Saloon


Places to Stay:

Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Tides Folly Beach


The Eastern coast is becoming the go-to destination for plenty of college students on a budget. Instead of spending all your money on travel, why not save it and head on down to the beaches of South Carolina? Kiawah Island is as beautiful as it is located near a ton of other beaches, all along the coast of South Carolina. If you want fun and exciting times without the crowds, then you need to get on down to Kiawah Island and pack some extra clothes in case you need to stay an extra night.

3. Galveston, TX

The Nightlife:

Stuttgarden Tavern

Beerfoot Beach Bar

Murdoch’s Bathhouse


Places to Stay:

Hotel Galvez and Spa

Harbour House and Marina


Normally, if you wanted to spend Spring Break in Texas, you go to South Padre Island. But that is the reason we are doing this. So you can enjoy Spring Break without dealing with the thousands of drunk college students literally standing on top of one another just to be with the crowd. Galveston has beaches, booze, and beautiful women. It is already the top destination for most of Houston, and that would be a lot of people.

2. Orange Beach, AL

The Nightlife:

Flora-Bama Lounge

Pleasure Island Tiki

Splash Bar


Places to Stay:

Perdido Beach Resort

Spectrum-Turquoise Place


Gulf Shores is one of the premier destinations for residents of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia for Spring Break. Orange Beach is located East of Gulf Shores and has become a carryover from the enormous crowds that fill Gulf Shores. The families will be heading to Gulf Shores while the women will be in Orange Beach. Which place would you rather be for Spring Break?

1. Gatlingburg, TN

The Nightlife:

Crystelle Creek Grill

Club 812

Three Jimmy’s

Gatlinburg Barrelhouse


Places to Stay:

Westgate Smokey Mountain Resort

River Terrace Resort


Gatlinburg has become the most underrated Spring Break location in America. Within 5 hours of the town of Gatlinburg resides the Universities of Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, North Carolina, Louisville, and Cincinnati. There are more gorgeous sorority chicks within a half-day drive to Gatlinburg than most any other resort so the chances of a sexy college students is about 99.9999%