Fraternity That Threw ‘Border Patrol’ Party Gets Zero Punishment From University And People Are Pissed

The Fijis at University of Texas at Austin, the house that threw a “border patrol” party earlier in the month and pissed off a ton of people on campus, is breathing a heavy tequila-scented sigh of relief. They’re probably all high-fiving and yelling “close call, amigos!” because it looks like the university is letting them off the hook.

On Feb. 26, Dean of Students Soncia Reagins-Lilly ruled that no campus rules were violated at the party.

Records released to The Associated Press in Jan. 2014 reveal that Fiji hosted a similar party where patrons wore “stereotypical Mexican clothing.” The complaint was reportedly filed with UT’s Campus Climate Response Team.

Campbell says “(his fraternity has) learned an important lesson about planning and conducting our social events and other activities as responsible members of the University and Austin communities. (They) commit to work with the office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to plan programs to educate our members and reinforce the lessons from this unfortunate incident.”

Some students at the university are still pissed, and rightfully so, and feel the administration should have come down harder on Fiji. Harder than a wiffle ball bat to a piñata.

“I think (the event) was racist and offensive,” says sophomore Nick Habel. “People need to be more educated and less offensive. It seems like people don’t realize these things are offensive or harmful, so they think it’s ok to have racist themed parties…I really am disappointed in the university for allowing this and not taking some kind of disciplinary action.”

I’m sure the fraternity learned a lesson. A lesson that will last at least until Spring.

[H/T: USA Today]

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