Fiji Fraternity At University Of Texas Threw A ‘Border Patrol’ Party, Immediately Regretted That Decision

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Julia Brouillette – The Daily Texan

This story has me straddling a fence right now. And let me tell you, it’s an uncomfortable position to be in.

On one side, you could easily get away with this type of childish, ill-advised ignorance when I was in college. Social media wasn’t what it is today and unless you killed someone, your every move wasn’t a goddamn national concern.

On the other side, I want to shake these Fiji bros at the University of Texas, because they have to know better than to think this wouldn’t cause OUTRAGE. This is the age of OUTRAGE.

So here I am, sitting on a fence with my ball sack getting annihilated by the pickets. And here these Fiji bros are, trying to say their obvious Border Patrol party was just a good old fashion ode to the wild west or some shit.

According to the Daily Texan Online:

Texas Fiji hosted a party guests said had a “border patrol” theme Saturday night, where attendees wore construction gear, ponchos and sombreros.

Other guests wore army camouflage outfits.

According to Fiji fraternity president Andrew Campbell, the party was this year’s annual Fiji Marshals event, a “western-themed party which focuses on the traditional old west.” Multiple attendees said the party’s theme was communicated as “border patrol.” Among the several hundred attendees, many wore construction hard hats with the names “Jefe” and “Pablo Sanchez” written on them, as well as reflective vests and work gloves.

While the rest of the garb may be construed as “in poor taste” or “grossly offensive” or “damn, that shit is racist,” I’d argue that everyone with plans to walk home drunk from a party should wear a reflective vest. That’s just prudent.


[H/T Gawker]

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