Watch This College Bro Bong An Entire Bottle Of Jack Daniels Because Livers Are Overrated

Typically we’re not allowed to post suicides on the site because we are a publication of standards and integrity. But I’ve made an exception for this fella because it seemed he died doing what he loved–taking 25 ounces of 80 proof JD Honey right down the ol’ pie hole. I hope the dude at least got to leave a suicide note. And by suicide note I mean a group “YouU UpP?*’ text to all his old flames.

This video was entertaining, but where’s the footage of the aftermath? Where are the pictures of Kyle passed out in a bush covered in his own vomit with piss-stained pants? That’s the meat and potatoes. Come to think of it, someone should check on Kyle. He’s been in that bush for about three days now. Eh, let him sleep it off for another few days.

[h/t TFM]

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