I Can’t Stop Laughing At These Hilarious @Collegefession Videos

Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 3.02.33 PM

The Twitter handle @Collegefession has been on my radar for about two months now, as it’s been blowing up with absolutely hilarious confessions from college students around the country. But last night, after getting back from a couple of beers with Senor Covucci, I randomly started watching the Collegefession Weekly Round-up videos. They’re absolutely hilarious, mainly because this very angry Asian kid (..perhaps with Napoleon syndrome?) goes off on the hilarious stupidity of some of these confessions. His rants are pure gold and just too fucking good for us to not share here on BroBible, where we try to stay ahead of the curve on all things college.

@Collegefession is blowing up. Game respect game and I 100% respect what these Bros are doing.