These Are The Cheapest Colleges In America, Including One That Costs Less Than $900

Cheapest Colleges 2016

Just because a university costs $50,000 a year, that doesn’t mean a student is getting the best education. Especially if the school is spending insane amounts of money on disco dining tables.

It’s possible to get a good college eduction (or at least a diploma) without bankrupting your parents or putting yourself in debt until you die. U.S. News and World Report compiled a list of ten of the cheapest U.S. institutions.

10. Harris-Stowe State University
Location: St. Louis
Tuition: $9,853 (out of state); $5,220 (in-state)

9. Rust College
Location: Holly Springs, Mississippi
Tuition: $9,500

8. Mayville State University
Location: Mayville, North Dakota
Tuition: $8,845 (out of state); $6,380 (in state)

7. Bemidji State University
Location: Bemidji, Minnesota
Tuition: $8,152 (in and out of state)

6. Southwest Minnesota State University
Location: Marshall, Minnesota
Tuition: $8,094 (in and out of state)

5. West Texas A&M University
Location: Canyon, Texas
Tuition: $7,775 (out of state); $6,264 (in state)

4. Minot State University
Location: Minot, North Dakota
Tuition: $6,390 (in and out of state)

3. Delta State University
Location: Cleveland, Mississippi
Tuition: $6,112 (in and out of state)

2. Brigham Young University
Location: Provo, Utah
Tuition: $5,150

And the cheapest college in the United States for 2016…

Berea College
Location: Berea, Kentucky
Fees: $870

A little bit more about the country’s cheapest college…

Berea College was the first interracial and co-ed college in the South. It is home to a student body of around 1,600. The college operates on a tuition-free system and relies on financial aid and its $1 billion endowment to subsidize education fees, which according to U.S. News add up to a mere $870. In return, attendees must work at least 10 hours weekly in approved job areas on campus or in the surrounding community. Also, students must live on campus unless they are over 23 or are married.

Most college kids work during school to pay for tuition anyway, so what’s a couple hours around campus picking up vomit and red Solo cups?

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