This Dining Hall Table Costs As Much As One Year’s Tuition And Students Are Pissed About It

Here’s an answer to the popular question “where the hell does all my college tuition money go?” It often goes to pointless and pricey campus purchases.

The University of New Hampshire, consistently named one of the most expensive public colleges in the nation, must want to hang onto that designation. It’s the only explanation for the purchase of this $17,570 dining hall table.

What the hell is that thing, besides a disco dance floor with chairs? It’s a chef’s table. An incredibly expensive table that the school now regrets spending AS MUCH AS ONE YEAR’S TUITION ON.

“Purchasing a custom-made chef’s table for the recently renovated Holloway Commons costing thousands of dollars should not have happened,” said university spokeswoman Erika Mantz. “Steps have been taken to ensure it is a mistake that won’t be repeated.”

The custom chef’s table was added to the university’s Holloway Commons Dining Hall, which reopened in January after a $10.5 million renovation. The table, which seats 16, was not part of that project. Instead, Mantz said it was funded through the Hospitality Services budget.

But what exactly does the table do? Nothing. Literally nothing.

“I ate at it once,” Maddie Dombrowski told the paper. “It lit up. I ate my food, and I left.”

Students are less than thrilled about the price and the “show”. This tweet sums it all up….

Did anyone keep the receipt?