Would You Date This College Chick Who Bit The Ear Off A Female Police Officer After A Bar Brawl?

Hey bro, you single?

I’d like you to meet someone.

Her name is Emma Wiley.

She’s a 19-year-old brunette college chick from Massachusetts.

She rarely buttons her shirt.

Sound cool? Of course she does, you’re desperate.

Oh ya, one more thing. She was just arrested for biting the ear off a female police officer who tried to put her in a cop cruiser following a brawl outside a Massachusetts bar.

Small to moderate baggage.

According to the Salem Police Department report obtained by The Smoking Gun,

Officers responding to a 911 call about a fight in progress found Wiley tangling with another woman as a crowd of more than 100 people milled about.

Wiley, cops noted, had a fist full of the other combatant’s hair and was trying to throw her foe to the ground. Pictured at right, Wiley was also “screaming uncontrollably.”

After officers separated the pair and began escorting Wiley to a squad car, the teenager–who studies criminal justice at Salem State University–yelled, “I’ll fucking kill you all. Don’t fucking touch me!”

As police struggled to get Wiley inside a cruiser, she lunged at the face of Officer Jessica Rondinelli, a rookie cop who has been on the job barely a month. Wiley, cops charge, “grabbed a hold of Officer Rondinelli’s right ear in her teeth and refused to let go.”  Rondinelli yelled, “She has my ear!”

Wiley released her bite when Rondinelli, 27, gouged her in the eye. “She bit my ear off,” Rondinelli then told fellow officers. The cop’s right ear was bleeding and had a “jagged chunk missing from the top of it,” according to the report.

And then Wiley made a very measured, well reasonable threat, to have “every one of you cops killed!”

Officers found the piece of their colleagues ear in the backseat of the police cruiser and brought it to the hospital where Rondinelli was being treated. Unfortunately, the young cop was told by a doctor that “due to the risk of infection, the nature in which her ear had been disfigured it was unlikely that attaching bitten off piece was possible and her ear was going to be permanently marred.”

Sooooo….you still down?

[h/t The Smoking Gun]

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