Bro In Group Project With Lazy Students Gets Stuck Doing All The Work, Gets Revenge By Forcibly Failing The Others

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The last group project I had was during my sophomore year of college, and while my group members weren’t as lazy as these shitheads we still had one girl who did zero work. Zero. Nada. Zilch. And the thing was, she had been kicked out of her group for being a piece of shit, joined OUR group, and then continued to be a piece of shit. Who does that?

Eventually we just bitched her out in our peer-reviews and I’m hoping she got an F for the project – but had we not given a shit about our grade and done what Redditor M0shka did? BAM! A bunch of legends made right then and there:

So I’m on my final year – final semester for an electrical engineering degree. I had completed all my major subjects, however, 5 of us 4th year students hadn’t done Physics 2 since the first semester. Physics 2 is a 1st year subject divided into 3 modules (electricity , optics , modern physics) , but it surprisingly wasn’t a pre-requisite for any other subject. However , we needed to take it now to graduate.

Being 4th year students , we barely went to any lecture or did any coursework since it was a 1st year subject which we didn’t take seriously. The first module was electricity and magnetism, for which all the other 4 idiots failed and I did pretty well. In the second module , the other 4 students just barely passed. We are now approaching the final exam in 2 weeks.

Here is where the pro revenge story begins!

For the entire physics course , the labs weigh 35% of the actual grade. There are 9 experiments in total , and we have to submit the lab report of all 9 reports at the end of the semester. I had 4 other final year students in my group., and not ONE of them would ever help out during experiments. I would literally do the entire lab alone and they would pretend to work whenever the instructor passed by. You know what? It doesn’t bother me.

Sometimes, while I’m working on an experiment , one of them would poke me , or slap the back of my head as a joke. Still doesn’t bother me much, I can “laugh” it off, whatever. BUT, what gets to me, is that after 9 weeks of you guys slacking , you message me to complete all the lab reports BY MYSELF and refuse to work , telling me, “you didn’t let us help you , so we don’t know what to do.”

Oh that got to me. I gave you guys a simple task of just plotting graphs with the different data that I had already collected. And you refused to do it. Last week was the final day for submission for all the labs. I didn’t submit a single one. Today we all got a 0% out of 35% for the lab components where,

Labs – 35% Module 1 exam – 20% Module 2 exam – 15% Module 3 exam – 15% Quizzes – 15%

The beauty of this , is that even though I lost 35% , I can still pass. They can’t.

The subject is offered only once per year. In order to graduate now, they have to wait an entire year.

TLDR: lab group members refused to help in lab, I didn’t submit any report and failed everyone and have them repeat an entire year.

Ahhh, the beauty of senior year: doesn’t matter what your grade is as long as you pass.

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